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May 29th voting will close for the finalists of the People´s Book Prize. Please vote for the Eva Cassidy Biography Behind the Rainbow and spread the news! Voting is easy!

The People’s Book Prize has no judges
YOU be the judge!
YOU now have a voice in choosing Britain’s next top authors.

First register on line ….

People´s Book Prize Patron master storyteller, Frederick Forsyth CBE wishes to do anything he can to encourage writers to have a go. Mr. Forsyth believes he can do that in a practical way in his capacity of Patron of The People’s Book Prize. The author of The Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File and multiple bestsellers wishes to encourage authors to pursue a career in writing that will prove long and successful. “The good news is that book reading keeps on growing” says Frederick Forsyth. Tatiana Wilson is the founder of The People’s Book Prize. She came up with the idea for The People’s Book Prize as it is her ambition that new authors are given equal opportunity in the marketplace, based purely on their talent and ability. A perfect vehicle to discover writers’ talent voted by the public, raise the profile of libraries and celebrate reading. Dame Beryl Bainbridge, who died in London on 2 July 2010, was TPBP’s Founding Patron. This famous personality in the literary world will be greatly missed but will remain an inspiration to us all. Dame Beryl’s great support to The People’s Book Prize has been of immense value to us. In recognition to Dame Beryl, TPBP will have her as the Founding Patron and no other. TPBP will be a tribute to Dame Beryl and her legacy.

Her warm words at TPBP’s launch will continue to guide us forward.

Something like this, this idea — which is absolutely amazing – once it takes off, it will be of enormous importance to writers. I look forward to the time when we mention this particular prize as the greatest – and look back – and remember I was at the meeting at the London Book Fair and think where it has gone! So I wish it tremendously good luck.”

A renowned novelist, doyenne of British literature and best-selling author, Dame Beryl Bainbridge was a household name. A brilliant writer, famous for stories of working-class families and, more recently, compact historical novels, Bainbridge’s last work yet to be published will be a gift to us all. During her illustrious career, Dame Beryl won the Whitbread novel award twice and was nominated five times for the Booker Prize.
Several of her novels have been made into films. Her experiences in the theatre formed the basis of An Awfully Big Adventure, with Hugh Grant starring in the film. Many others followed, including Sweet William and The Dressmaker.

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