Meeting Larry Melton, Eva’s first bass player

While we shake hands Larry raises his sunglasses in a greeting. The journey to Bowie takes fifteen minutes at most. Larry bought the house from the Cassidy’s and many traces of Eva’s family can still be seen. Most eye-catching are the enormous sculptures Hugh created out of scrap metal. Their faces are reminiscent of the famous Easter Island figures.

Sculptures Hugh created out of scrap metal

On the left side of the house is a set of wooden stairs that lead to an apartment and a little kitchen which  Hugh built for Eva. We enter the house through the front door and are greeted by Larry’s sheepdog. Larry makes coffee and our conversation is relaxed until the moment I switch on my voice recorder. The red light has a curbing effect on Eva’s first bass player with whom she remained friends her whole life. 

To get the conversation back on track I suggest having a look at his home studio, which Larry had said was located in Eva’s former room. I recognize the inner stairs and its surroundings from photographs. The framework of the house is the same but Larry and his wife Michèlle have painted everything a light blue colour. I ask him if he has any old recordings of Eva but he says that we need Ned Judy’s permission to listen to them. Ned Judy, who owns these recordings, hasn’t been willing to talk to the press for more than eight years, because of his disappointment over journalistic standards. ‘He’s working now,’ explains Larry, ‘but I can call him at lunchtime if you like.’  

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