Reviews ‘The Best Of Eva Cassidy’

“The Best Of Eva Cassidy brings together Cassidy’s best loved renditions and, all in all, it’s a beautiful affair, demonstrating through its inspired tracklisting just what a vocal talent Cassidy was. Opening track ‘You Take My Breath Away’ is a glorious ode to overpowering love, complete with gentle piano and guitar, combined with stunning vocal delivery. It truly is Cassidy’s extraordinary voice that underpins this as an essential collection for anyone’s iPod. Download it, sit on the sofa, close your eyes and drift away on a cloud of musical magic. What more fitting tribute can there be to a much-missed talent, who, despite not having lived to see the fruits of her labour, continues to touch the hearts of millions to this very day. ” (So So Gay)

“Take Karen Carpenter: a nice, regular voice but somehow it touched people.
It’s the same with the Eva Cassidy phenomenon: without going into the back story it is basically a voice that is honestly nothing extraordinary but somehow touching and lovely.

This collection of the best from albums such as Songbird, Imagine, Time After Time and her Live At Blues Alley merely rounds up favourites and adds one previously unreleased track, You Take My Breath Away, in a version different from the one on American Tune. Simple and beautiful.” ****(Daily Express)

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