‘You Take My Breath Away’ about God?

Does ‘You Take My Breath Away’ describe a male-female relationship or is this a song about God? ‘The lead track of The Best of Eva Cassidy is a previously unreleased version of Claire Hamill’s delicately intimate, yet stirring love song You Take My Breath Away. While a 1993 ‘demo’ version of the song concluded Eva’s American Tune album this previously unheard recording was one of several work in progress tracks at the time of her passing in 1996. Delivered by a more musically evolved and confident Eva, her flawless vocal performance reaches a new level. With the aide of new digital technologies Eva’s former band mates Chris Biondo and Lenny Williams recently set to work sonically enhancing Eva’s original guitar/vocal studio recording. After maximizing the sound quality of Eva’s vocal tour de force, the two augmented the production with piano, double bass and a string quartet, creating the definitive version of what’s certain to become one of Eva’s best-loved performances.’

Record company Blix Street Records gives the impression that ‘You Take My Breath Away’ is a love song. Many listeners will believe that these lyrics describe a male-female relationship. Although Eva performed the song at a wedding ceremony she thought that it was a spiritual song rather than about the love between a man and a woman. Eva told Chris Biondo that when the lyrics say ‘I feel your eyes on me,’ she imagined ‘a break in the clouds, and the sun would come through the clouds, and you see rays, like a creator looking down on earth’. Read the lyrics and decide for yourself:

You Take My Breath Away

(Claire Hamill)

Sometimes it amazes me
How strong the power of love can be
Sometimes you just take my breath away
You watch my love grow like a child
Sometimes gentle and sometimes wild
Sometimes you just take my breath away

And it’s too good to slip by
Too good to lose
Too good to be there just to use
I’m gonna stand up on a mountain top
And tell the news
That you take my breath away

Oh yes you take my breath away

Laat van je horen!

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2 reactie(s)

  1. Mamie Wiley

    Beautiful, beautiful an Spiritual restoration.

  2. lvh

    its a love song. was written as a love song.