Coosje Smid gives voice to Fields of Gold again.

Coosje Smid (23) daughter of musical-singer Ernst Daniel Smid, auditioned succesfully for The Voice of Holland. Her glorious moment was broadcast on September 13th, exactly a year after the death of her mother Roos (47): ‘This wasn’t preconceived.’

‘It was a very special coincidence,’ says Smid, ‘on that date my whole life seemed to change. I have had a difficult time and I can use a bit of happiness.’

Coosje Smid The Voice

Coosje Smid The Voice

Coosje Smid sang Fields of Gold during the auditions in Eva Cassidy’s style. ‘This song is about the relationship I had with my mother. Before she became ill I sang  it several times  for her. Every time I sang it she cried. It is and will be our song forever.’ Smid doubted a long time wether she would join the talent competition. She graduated on the Dutch Pop Academy in 2009. A year later she won a Dutch Film Award for her supporting role in the film Joy in 2010.

My friends advised me to take a chance, but I was afraid to fail and gain negative publicity in that way. My father convinced me to do it with the words: ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’.

Coosje Smid

Coosje Smid

As soon as Coosje started to sing all four jury chairs turned round immediately. A few moments later Ilse de Lange, Marco Borsato and Ali B lay down at the singer’s feet and listened as if they were hypnotized.

Fields of Gold has been this weeks best sold single. Eva Cassidy’s own album The Best of Eva Cassidy has started its third life and entered the Dutch album charts again.       

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  1. Cindy Culler says:

    I could listen to her sing all day and all night. What a wonderful talent
    and very different sounding voice. Clear as a bell! Please come to the
    USA, would love you to have much success here.

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