Eva’s music makes the world a better place. (guest blog Marcy Marxer)

Grace Griffiths ‘discovered’ Eva Cassidy and sent the tapes to Blix Street Records. We’re very lucky to live in an area that encourages musicians and singers. The Washington, DC area is not considered to be a center of the music industry but there is quite a bit of work for our area musicians. Since the chances of hitting the big time are almost nonexistent, most of the musicians here either grew up here of moved to this area because they like to work every day, and because they work every day, they’re great musicians. That sets up a very supportive, noncompetitive atmosphere and the musicians here embrace that atmosphere. That’s why Grace Griffith sent Eva’s tapes to Blix Street Records.

Grace Griffith

Grace Griffith

Grace was working on her first record for Blix Street (Minstrel Song) and we were all very excited with and for her. Grace came into the studio one day and asked if I thought she should send Eva’s tapes to Blix Street. I told her I thought she should wait a couple of months to make sure her record went smoothly and to be sure Bill Straw who runs the company would be good to work with since Eva’s parents were still grieving and I wanted to be sure that we couldn’t possibly add to that grief in any way.
Well, she sent them anyway, which is really just what she should have done. Bill Straw and Blix Street did everything right. When Eva’s music started to spread, they manufactured enough, they followed the flow of interest and stepped up to dedicate their lives to making Eva’s music available. People around the world fell in love with Eva and her music just like we love her here. (Yes, we do and did love Eva here but the people who write books don’t talk to us.)
The first time I heard Eva’s music coming out of a store front I was on tour in New Zealand, just walking down the street. I was so overwhelmed I sat down on the street and cried. (Ah, sorry Christchurch. Ha.)

Minstrel Song

Minstrel Song

Eva’s music makes the world a better place. Musicians here are still finding rehearsal tapes and donating them to the cause. Chris Biondo, Eva’s producer and long time friend is still working to make sure every note Eva sang can be heard in it’s best possible light.
And that also brings us back to Grace Griffith. Grace took a back seat to Eva for quite a while and she was happy to but while we were finishing her record we found out that Grace had Parkinson’s. I don’t have to tell you how tough that is.
The BBC 2 is now starting to play Grace’s music. It’s too early to know what will happen for Grace. All I can say is I hope you buy and carefully listen to Eva and then add the music of Grace Griffith to your ears and heart. After all, Grace was Eva’s favorite singer. Now it looks like Eva can help Grace in return. Eva would be proud.

Marcy Marxer
(working class musician, played on Eva’s music, producer for Grace Griffith, friend of Chris Biondo, 14 Grammy nominations in several categories, 2 Grammy wins for production and children’s music…and you’ve probably never heard my name.)

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  1. soundofpi says:

    Beautiful review. Nice reflection on two powerful singers/muscians.

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