Mick Fleetwood and Eva Cassidy joined the stage

Mick Fleetwood joined Eva onstage and told her that he would be happy to play the drums on her first Blue Note album. In 1994 Mick Fleetwood, founder of and drummer of Fleetwood Mac, opened a nightclub in an inconspicuous office building in Alexandria, Virginia, calling it Fleetwood’s. Many local bands performed there and Mick would sometimes join in for a couple of impromptu numbers. Mick was bowled over with The Eva Cassidy Band: the mix of American folk rock with a clear European twist was right up his street. He joined them onstage, and in this way Eva got to perform with a much-admired hero.

Mick Fleetwood with Eva's Songbird album

Mick Fleetwood with Eva’s Songbird album

Mick was surprised to discover that the band was unsigned. He promised to help them and offered his services for future recordings. He advised Eva to narrow her focus: she simply had to choose between jazz, blues or folk. But, true to form, Eva responded: “If the record company won’t let me sing songs that mean something to me, I don’t want to work with them.”

Set List Fleetwood's

Set List Fleetwood’s

In 1996 Eva performed again at Fleetwood’s in Alexandria. The week before she had met Mary Ann Redmond and they had agreed to duet together. Bruce Lundvall of Blue Note Records was also present. Mick Fleetwood joined Eva onstage again and after the show he told Lundvall that he would be happy to play the drums on Eva’s first Blue Note album. The president of the famous jazz-label reacted with careful optimism. It was around this time that Eva told her mother that if she were to die she wouldn’t have any regrets, because she had always been allowed to create. 

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