Flowers cannot bloom unless it is their season

Eva Cassidy did not like to be the centre of attention. She had more fun recording songs in Chris Biondo’s studio than performing in front of an audience. She would have loved to sing in Stevie Wonder’s backing choir, though. This wasn’t false modesty on Eva’s part, she really meant it. She loved Stevie’s music and she admired his positive attitude to life. What could be better than sharing the stage with someone like him and enjoying the music without getting all the attention yourself? Eva recorded the song ‘I Can Only Be Me’, which appeared on her album Imagine (2002). Stevie Wonder wrote the song but he did not record himself. ‘I Can Only Be Me’ is on the soundtrack of Spike Lee’s movie ‘School Daze’ (1988). The singer is Keith John, who did what Eva would have loved to do: sing in Stevie Wonder’s backing choir. ‘Superstition’ was another Stevie tune that Eva performed quite often, but that one didn’t make it onto any of her CDs.


Eva’s Art

Eva Cassidy earned hardly anything from her music. In fact, she had to pay a lot to be able to release her own album Live At Blues Alley. During the daytime, she worked at Behnke’s Nursery in Beltsville, where she must have often thought of a line from ‘I Can Only Be Me’: ‘Flowers cannot bloom until it is their season, as we would not be here unless it was our destiny’. Even at work, Eva testified of her love for Stevie Wonder as can be seen in this video:


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