Eva Cassidy fans needed!

Have you always wanted to share your love for Eva Cassidy’s music with the world? You now have the chance to do so. Malcolm Willis and Alex Fagan, the documentary makers of the Essence of Eva will give fans of her music the opportunity to have their say in their documentary. They sent us the following request:

We are looking for short videos 10-30 secs of people talking about what Eva’s music means to them, the special moment in their lives that you associate with Eva and if you lost someone and how her music helped. If talking about losing a loved one please silently hold up a photograph of them.

Eva's cousin Walter in Nova Scotia

Eva’s cousin Walter in Nova Scotia

You can use a phone to record the video. We need these ASAP, ideally in next number of days and can be sent to evacassidyvideo@gmail.com or transferred to me through https://wetransfer.com The video may be included in a short piece in the finished Eva Cassidy documentary. Thank you for your help. Malcolm (Co Director/Producer Essence of Eva documentary).

The highlighted photo shows the filmmakers with Eva’s parents: Hugh and Barbara Cassidy.

2 responses to “Eva Cassidy fans needed!”

  1. Elissa Weeks says:

    I’m sure that whatever you do will be brilliant, but I would like to see some space devoted to her outstanding collaborations with Chuck Brown. ?

  2. Bertil Broddeus says:

    She gave us comfort with her lovely songs
    and her name was Eva
    She painted words with colours like rainbows
    but she was not a diva
    Her faith was strong enough to help us recall
    that we have a wonderful world
    She never took the space that she earned
    and humanity ee learned
    So in our minds we lay red roses
    on top of a silent grave
    One for her angel like voice
    One for her musical gift
    And one for her courage that we save
    When leaves had fallen and autumn had come
    her body broke down
    But her lifetime eill be blessed
    thank God for her magical birth
    So lift your eyes above and imagine her
    and let love guide us all
    Her heart and soul she never sold
    now she walks on heavenly fields of gold

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