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From our chairman


On 2 November 1996 singer Eva Cassidy died, exactly 25 years ago this year. The Guardian paid much attention to this anniversary and biographer Johan Bakker was a guest at De Nieuws BV on Dutch Radio 1. About 20 years ago I first heard her music. The largely unknown singer …

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Eva Cassidy left in Autumn, 25 years ago

I Love Eva

Eva Cassidy’s dream had been to record a studio album under favourable but precise circumstances. But she and friend and producer Chris Biondo had worked at too slow a pace and even then he’d had the anxious premonition that they would be too late. It’s likely that Eva’s delay in …

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Eva Cassidy’s first performance

Eva Cassidy

It is April 2, 1977, and while owner Jack lights the hearth fire and bartender Brian rinses the glasses, three musicians enter the Fleet Reserve Club through the back entrance. The attractive club in the historic town of Annapolis in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, is usually the preserve of navy personnel …

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