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The Essence Of Eva Cassidy

With Eva's parents

Most Eva Cassidy fans had already given up hope of ever seeing a documentary about the life of their beloved singer. Over the past two decades dozens of filmmakers have knocked in vain on Eva’s parents’ door. English documentary maker Malcolm Willis and his Irish partner Alex Fegan had more …

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‘All Day Sucker’ (featuring Eva Cassidy)

Eva & Stevie

Once again, an as-yet-unknown song featuring Eva Cassidy has been released. It is a rendition of Stevie Wonder’s ‘All Day Sucker’ by Yromik Ffodnero. He used a recording by Ju Ju House and Eva Cassidy. William “Ju Ju” House is drummer in the Washington D.C based Go-Go group Experience Unlimited …

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Eva Cassidy’s ‘new’ Christmas song

Oh Come All Ye Faithfull

Eva Cassidy fans from all over the world are surprised and delighted by the unexpected appearance of her performance of ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful.’ It was known that Eva had this Christmas song in her repertoire. In 1981 Eva Cassidy and her friends Ned Judy, Mark Merella, Larry Melton …

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