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The Eva Cassidy phenomenon began too late for the woman herself to enjoy it, although whether she would have enjoyed international fame is another matter. What is beyond doubt is the power of the recordings she left behind to affect the listener. Eva’s singing brings both hope and comfort. Her music gives listeners the strength to resign themselves to mortality.

On what would have been Eva Cassidy’s 52th birthday, her first fan club saw the light of day.

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Biography Eva Cassidy

Eva Marie Cassidy (February 2, 1963 in Washington, DC – November 2, 1996 in Bowie, Maryland) was an American vocalist described by the British newspaper The Guardian as “one of the greatest voices of her generation.” She had a diverse repertoire of jazz, blues, folk, gospel and pop. Cassidy remained virtually unknown outside of her native Washington, DC, when she died of melanoma (which had spread to her bones) in 1996. Her posthumously released recordings have since sold in excess of 12 million copies, and in early 2001 the compilation album Songbird reached #1 on the UK album charts.

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We remember Eva Cassidy (2 February 1963 – 2 November 1996). She died 22 years ago. ‘Songbirds keep singing’

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We remember Cary Klein (1954-2018)

Autumn Leaves

In the summer of 2012 we received a direct Twitter message from Cary Klein who lived in Florida. He had found out that we were fellow Eva Cassidy fans and he asked us if we were interested in helping him to create an Eva Cassidy tribute account as a platform …

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Eva Cassidy sampled

Eva Cassidy & Chris Biondo

Working with Eva Cassidy was a treat: she could harmonise, her pitch was good, her synchronisation was fine and her musical memory was excellent. She understood completely what musicians needed and she could fit into any role. Experience Unlimited (or E.U.) was a Washington-based GoGo and rhythm and blues crew …

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Eva Cassidy and The London Symphony Orchestra

The London Symphony Orchestra

Eva Cassidy, receives a unique reimagining as her vocal performance of Autumn Leaves is paired with the backing of the London Symphony Orchestra. This inspired musical context was created by isolating Eva’s 1996 live vocal performance recorded at the Blues Alley Jazz Club in Washington, DC and combining it with …

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The Orther Side 1992Live at Blues Alley 1996
Eva by Heart 1997Songbird 1998
Time after time 2000No Boundaries 2000
Imagine 2002American Tune 2003
Wonderful World 2004Somewhere 2008
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