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The Essence Of Eva Cassidy

With Eva's parents

Most Eva Cassidy fans had already given up hope of ever seeing a documentary about the life of their beloved singer. Over the past two decades dozens of filmmakers have knocked in vain on Eva’s parents’ door. English documentary maker Malcolm Willis and his Irish partner Alex Fegan had more …

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Eva Cassidy’s first performance

Eva Cassidy

It is April 2, 1977, and while owner Jack lights the hearth fire and bartender Brian rinses the glasses, three musicians enter the Fleet Reserve Club through the back entrance. The attractive club in the historic town of Annapolis in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, is usually the preserve of navy personnel …

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We remember Isabel Cassidy Bligh (1933-2016)


Eva Cassidy’s aunt Isabel died on December 28, 2016. She was 83. Isabel was a sister of Hugh Cassidy, Eva’s father. Isabel was one of the first people who really believed in Eva Cassidy’s talent. She supported Eva from the beginning of her career. She was there for Eva’s performances …

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