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Eva Cassidy’s ‘new’ Christmas song

Oh Come All Ye Faithfull

Eva Cassidy fans from all over the world are surprised and delighted by the unexpected appearance of her performance of ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful.’ It was known that Eva had this Christmas song in her repertoire. In 1981 Eva Cassidy and her friends Ned Judy, Mark Merella, Larry Melton …

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New album Grace Griffith

Passing Through

After battling Parkinson’s for more than fifteen years, folksinger Grace Griffith was determined to record one more album. Musicians who offered their services for the new recordings were: Lenny Williams (piano), Al Petteway (guitar), Sue Richards (Celtic Harp), Chris Biondo (bass and percussion), Marcy Marxer (guitar, flute, percussion), Larry Melton …

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Eva’s music makes the world a better place. (guest blog Marcy Marxer)

Grace Griffiths ‘discovered’ Eva Cassidy and sent the tapes to Blix Street Records. We’re very lucky to live in an area that encourages musicians and singers. The Washington, DC area is not considered to be a center of the music industry but there is quite a bit of work for …

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