Review: Eva Cassidy – Imagine

Eva Cassidy – Imagine
Blix Street Records

By Johan Bakker

April last year Eva Cassidy surprised with the cd Songbird. The American singer who died some years before, left several music tapes, which comforted her relatives and friends after this tragic event. Eva, who shunned publicity, had shown her musical talents only to a small circle of bosom friends. When the English radio played her beautiful song ‘Over The Rainbow’, many people were thrilled. The album Songbird was best sold cd in Great Brittain in 2001. Ten new songs have been discovered and collected on the new cd Imagine. Cassidy who did not witness her own success, performed only songs written by others. Her power was her many-sidedness. She mastered several styles like gospel, blues, folk and soul but she was able to transform them into typical Eva Cassidy songs. The cd opens strongly with Paul Anka’s ‘It doesn’t matter anymore.’ The singer accompanies herself on guitar. This is Eva’s  best side. She knows exactly where she has to step back and where she can belt out. Also beautiful are ‘Who knows Where The Time Goes,’ with guitar, bass, violin and ‘You’ve changed,’ supported by a jazzcombo. ‘Early Morning Rain,’ ‘Danny Boy’ and ‘Imagine’ are solopieces again.

September 20, 2002

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