Alison Krauss: It was always Eva Cassidy!

Have their been any British female singers that have inspired you, influenced you or admired down the years?

Alison Krauss: ‘Sandy Denny. Actually John Waite gave me a CD of Liege and Leaf – he introduced me to Fairport Convention. She’s just so innocent and beautiful, there’s no way not to respond to her – it was an immediate love. And Eva Cassidy, she was always one of those people where you’d be in a store and you’d hear it on the speakers – who’s that?? It was always Eva Cassidy!’



American bluegrass-country singer and musician Alison Maria Krauss (1971) entered the music industry at an early age. She signed with Rounder Records in 1985 and released her first solo album in 1987. Krauss has released fourteen albums, appeared on numerous soundtracks, and helped renew interest in bluegrass music in the United States.

The Guardian March 6th 2017


One response to “Alison Krauss: It was always Eva Cassidy!”

  1. Barbara lahey says:

    When I first heard eva sing…that did it for me!!!!!
    Love her voice and all her music…tragically gone much too soon.
    Have shared her music with everyone I know….b

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