Simply Eva Theatre Show 31 March 2017

Simply Eva is a musical quest to the heart and the soul of Eva Cassidy (1963-1996). This American singer reached stardom after her early death from melanoma. Cassidy’s posthumously compiled album Songbird turned out to be a worldwide success in 2000. How could a multitalented singer like Eva remain so obscure during her life? What make her voice, her song selection and her interpretations so exceptional? Cassidy biographer Johan Bakker, singer Jerney Kate and guitarist Lex Horst pay homage to a unique musical performer with stories, songs and musical examples.

Jerney and Lex

Jerney and Lex

Dutch newspaper Gooi en Eemlander wrote about Jerney Kate: “When you close your eyes it is as if you hear Eva Cassidy sing.”

Torpedo theatre Amsterdam, Friday 31 March 2017

Sint Pieterspoortsteeg 33

1012 HM Amsterdam

Phone:  00 31 6 539 77 456


Jerney and Eva

Jerney and Eva

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