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Behind the Rainbow available in the USA

In these times of turmoil and division we need the comforting music of Eva Cassidy more than ever. Twenty-six years after her death she can still comfort and connect us with her pure bright voice. On June 1st, the new edition of the biography Behind the Rainbow will be released …

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Behind The Rainbow will be published today!

Eva Happy

The new edition of the Eva Cassidy biography Behind The Rainbow will be published today! This versatile American singer did not witness her own fame, as she died of melanoma at the young age of 33. Eva Cassidy lives on in the songs with which she still touches people deeply. …

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Review Behind The Rainbow

Behind the Rainbow

“I discovered Eva Cassidy’s music almost 3 years ago. A friend sent me the  ‘Songbird’ Lp on vinyl. I was instantly hooked, I mean this young lady does a version of “Over The Rainbow” that rivals Judy Garland’s classic version. As I usually do when I ‘discover’ a new artist, …

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