Behind the Rainbow available in the USA

In these times of turmoil and division we need the comforting music of Eva Cassidy more than ever. Twenty-six years after her death she can still comfort and connect us with her pure bright voice.

On June 1st, the new edition of the biography Behind the Rainbow will be released in Cassidy’s homeland the United States of America. In this thoughtful and probing study Johan Bakker re-evaluates her career and the fame that came only after her passing at the tender age of 33. Cassidy performed largely in and around Washington D.C..

Behind The Rainbow

Behind The Rainbow

Iceland was the only place she ever played in Europe, yet her jazzy folk pop would, after her death, make her a star both there and in her homeland. Bakker has interviewed Cassidy’s friends, colleagues, and family, and by tracing her formative experiences, outlook, and eventual disillusionment with the music business, has crafted a detailed and considered account of her life. An insightful read and a must for all Eva Cassidy fans.

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