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Mini documentary on Live at Blues Alley

YouTube features a fascinating mini-documentary (or let’s say a podcast with pictures) on Eva Cassidy’s Live At Blues Alley. The recording for this album was hindered by technical setbacks. Consequently, Eva Cassidy initially did not want the album to be released at all. The live album released in 1996 features …

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Remembering Eva Cassidy who died 26 years ago

Eva Live

On 2 November we remember Eva Cassidy (2 February 1963 – 2 November 1996) who died from melanoma 26 years ago. As in her visual art, Eva knew how to get to the essence in her performances of the songs she had chosen. Thanks to her guitar playing and her …

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Labour of love

Fish painting

After a long day, Katrina fell asleep at Chris Biondo’s home. Katrina in Maryland, Episode 4 I open my eyes in a small bedroom. My open suitcase is next to the narrow bed. I have woken up in another world. As I walk down the corridor to find the bathroom, …

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