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Eva’s glamour pictures

Glamour Picture

Katrina is working on her notes in Chris’ studio. KATRINA IN MARYLAND, EPISODE 3 By now I have lost all sense of time and place. When I look aside, I see Chris behind a large computer screen, dragging files back and forth. When I sit down next to him, I …

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“If anyone was pure and authentic, it was Eva Cassidy”

Gold Songbird Record

While Chris shows her around Washington DC, Katrina makes desperate attempts at multitasking. KATRINA IN MARYLAND EPISODE 2

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‘Eva Cassidy was that good, she deserved to be known’


Exactly on time, Chris Biondo’s off-road vehicle stops in front of Washington Dulles Airport. “Katrina?” he asks. When I confirm this, he says impatiently: “Get in. Quick. I have a lot to show you.” I throw my suitcase on the back seat. At high speed he takes me to the …

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