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Eva Cassidy sampled

Eva Cassidy & Chris Biondo

Working with Eva Cassidy was a treat: she could harmonise, her pitch was good, her synchronisation was fine and her musical memory was excellent. She understood completely what musicians needed and she could fit into any role. Experience Unlimited (or E.U.) was a Washington-based GoGo and rhythm and blues crew …

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‘The hauntingly beautiful voice of Eva Cassidy’ (guest blog)

Eva @ Blues Alley

Eva Marie Cassidy (1963 – 1996) was an unpretentious humble girl from small town Bowie, Maryland (US). She worked hard with her mother in their nursery, growing flowers and plants. But Eva also sang. She had the voice of an angel, and delivered songs with purity, passion, and power. She …

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Eva Cassidy’s 55th birthday

Portrait of Eva Cassidy

2 February would have been Eva Cassidy’s 55th birthday if this American vocalist, guitarist and artist hadn’t died on 2 November 1996. ‘She represents all that is good in this world.’ This quotation – that Eva added to the bottom of her portrait of Bernice, bassist and producer Chris Biondo’s …

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