Mini documentary on Live at Blues Alley

YouTube features a fascinating mini-documentary (or let’s say a podcast with pictures) on Eva Cassidy’s Live At Blues Alley. The recording for this album was hindered by technical setbacks. Consequently, Eva Cassidy initially did not want the album to be released at all. The live album released in 1996 features only a small selection supplemented by studio material.

Eva at Blues Alley

Eva at Blues Alley

Twenty years after the singer’s death, the performances of the Eva Cassidy band could finally be heard in their entirety. Anyone who listens to these recordings with an open mind cannot help but conclude that music history was written at jazz club Blues Alley in Georgetown on 3 January 1996!

Image from the min-docu

Image from the mini-docu

The Eva Cassidy Band played two sets of solid and sparkling songs: a rocking rendition of ‘Take Me To The River’, a soulful ‘Chain Of Fools’ and a steamy ‘Route 66’. Even as a jazz band The Eva Cassidy Band did an excellent job. And even when Eva Cassidy had a cold, she still sang better than most healthy singers.

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