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“Eva Cassidy is one of the best Paul Simon interpreters”

Eva Cassidy

“Eva Cassidy is one of the best Paul Simon interpreters,” says leading American music critic Geoffrey Himes after listening to her live album Nightbird. Eva Cassidy hadn’t finished her first solo studio album by the end of 1995. The lucky few who had heard her infrequent gigs, though, were clamoring …

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Impressive concert recording Eva Cassidy Band

Nightbird‘s release was long overdue. The album contains the complete concert (audio and partly video) that The Eva Cassidy Band gave on 3 January 1996. The group had booked jazz club Blues Alley in Georgetown DC for two consecutive nights to record an album that would put Eva Cassidy definitely …

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New Eva Cassidy release: Nightbird

Eva At Blues Alley

Eva Cassidy’s performance at the Blues Alley jazz club has become musical history. Twenty years on, every song recorded on the night of the 3rd January 1996 can be experienced for the first time. Nightbird is The Eva Cassidy Band’s ultimate tour-de-force (Eva Cassidy guitar and vocals, Keith Grimes guitar, …

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