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THE ESSENCE OF EVA filmmakers need your help!

The Essence Of Eva

Filmmakers Alex Fegan and Malcolm Willis travelled to Maryland USA from their homes in Ireland to meet Eva Cassidy’s family members. Their journey involved  interviewing people across mainland USA, Hawaii and Iceland and include some original band members, close friends, family and music icons Sting and Mick Fleetwood. THE ESSENCE …

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Finallly arrest in Tupac Shakur killing

Mural Amsterdam

The first arrest in the killing of Tupac Shakur has been made. Shakur died in the same year as Eva Cassidy (1996). On Friday, Duane Keffe D. Davis was arrested and charged with murder, with prosecutors saying he ordered and masterminded the Shakur Killing. Now retired Los Angeles police detective Greg …

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‘The hauntingly beautiful voice of Eva Cassidy’ (guest blog)

Eva @ Blues Alley

Eva Marie Cassidy (1963 – 1996) was an unpretentious humble girl from small town Bowie, Maryland (US). She worked hard with her mother in their nursery, growing flowers and plants. But Eva also sang. She had the voice of an angel, and delivered songs with purity, passion, and power. She …

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