THE ESSENCE OF EVA filmmakers need your help!

Filmmakers Alex Fegan and Malcolm Willis travelled to Maryland USA from their homes in Ireland to meet Eva Cassidy’s family members. Their journey involved  interviewing people across mainland USA, Hawaii and Iceland and include some original band members, close friends, family and music icons Sting and Mick Fleetwood.

Mick Fleetwood in the Essence of Eva

Mick Fleetwood in the Essence of Eva

THE ESSENCE OF EVA documentary pieces together memories, stories and songs of Eva Cassidy in order to explore what it means to live an authentic life – and what it takes to defy conventional expectations of what one “should” do or be. Driven by passion, and bound by integrity, Eva’s story tells that of so many, and can inspire many others. This documentary will, in this way, show that Eva’s life was as artful, hopeful and imaginative as the music she became beloved for in her death.



Meanwhile, the film is as good as finished. The initial reactions have been overwhelming, but Alex and Malcolm are only going for the very best quality. Due to limited resources and tight financing, the two filmmakers are now at a critical crossroads to meet the final costs. They want to complete this film to the highest possible standards and so they are inviting you to join their team and become a part of this remarkable journey, so that we can make this happen together!

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6 responses to “THE ESSENCE OF EVA filmmakers need your help!”

  1. Paul Wheeler says:

    A truly amazing artist, Eva was, and so endearing too, all Eva wanted to do was to sing the songs she loved, and play her guitar brilliantly, do her art too. Fame and fortune were not important to Eva, just love for animals, nature, trees, and people, peace in the world too. Like me you must just love these qualities. And not forgetting her lovely family and friends too.

  2. Her story is truly amazing. An artist working to get the music that she loves hear. Record companies didn’t know how present her skills, passed on her talent. By time they realize her unique skills it was too late.
    But she lives in our hearts every time we hear her voice.

  3. Chris Stern says:

    Paul Simon loves Eva’s versions of his songs

  4. Humphrey says:

    I would if I could leave something, but am sorry I can’t .

  5. Ron Kent says:

    I will be very interested to see the film, I loved Eva very much.

  6. Victor Ian Harrison says:

    I know that Mary Chapin Carpenter is a big fan of Eva’s. She might be a good one to talk to.

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