Amanda Seyfried (Lovelace, Mamma Mia!) would like to play Eva Cassidy

Amanda Seyfried has revealed that playing Eva Cassidy would be her dream role. The Lovelace star said portraying the late Songbird songstress on screen would be top of her list: ‘I’d like to play Eva Cassidy,’ she said.

The 27-year-old admitted she would be ready to tune up again after singing in Les Miserables and Mamma Mia!: ‘Eva has an amazing story and then she was gone. She has this whole catalogue of music – she’s amazing. It’s tragic,’ Amanda continued. ‘I love singing too, I love her music and I would love to play her. That would be fun.’

Amanda said playing Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace in Rob Marshall and Jeffrey Epstein’s biopic Lovelace has given her a new appreciation of portraying real-life people.‘I just want to keep playing real people. It’s so interesting,’ she said.‘There’s some depth there because this person really existed and you’re trying to portray someone entirely different from yourself. Normally we channel ourselves or versions of ourselves (in roles), but you can’t do that when you are doing a story based on true stories.’ She added: ‘It’s interesting and challenging and way more fulfilling.’

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  1. Barbara Brewer says:

    I would recommend Carrie Underwood to play Eva, because of similar looks and strong, yet crystalline, pure voice. The vocalist needs a powerful voice, not little girl voice.

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