Mistaken identity

Pawel Kaminski is an artist who transforms images of famous stars like Leonard Cohen, John Lennon and James Brown into works of art. He decided to add a picture of Eva Cassidy and he must have checked our website. The photograph he found was not Eva Cassidy, though, but Dutch singer Jerney Kate (who did a marvellous Eva Cassidy tribute on our fan club day February 2nd 2015). The photograph was made by Ron Beenen at De Vorstin in Hilversum.

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  1. That is sad about Mistaken identity. He does need to do a REAL Eva Cassidy Art piece. If Eva was here today, I feel she could create a beautiful self-portrait. She certainly was gifted in Music and Visual Art. I love the way she painted bubbles, and feel the bubbles were teardrops from the Angels in heaven. I listened to a documentary where her band member said Eva wanted to play Autumn leaves in E-Flat Minor, and he was very unsure, but was amazed at how she made that song her own. Such a talent.

    It is my daughter’s 21st Birthday in January. I hope I can purchase a EVA Cassidy Record and some of her Art. I love the Bumble Bee girl and Angel paintings. But would also like something with her bubbles on. Her Dad is paying. :)

    My daughter has grown up listening to Eva Cassidy. It just shows you that her music is timeless. What a fantastic role model Eva was and is for young female artists. Stay true to yourself, and don’t let anyone change you, be like EVA. The people are the ones that listen and buy the music. And the people chose EVA our songbird.

    How I wish I had the chance to talk to Eva, as I feel her Music and Art would have created the most amazing singing stories for children that hate reading. I would love to see a video on YouTube of all her Art along with her music. It is sad that some people just do not know that Eva painted.

  2. EVA GARFIELD says:

    Well, that was lame. So now I hope he does one of the real, actual Eva Cassidy.

    • Me too. Well said. If only Eva Cassidy was alive today, I am sure she could have created a beautiful Self-portrait. I love her Art and the Bubbles she painted. Her Music will live on forever in the Music Industry and I hope more young female Artists come across her crafts. We need better role models in this world, so Eva is someone we must never forget, nobody got to change EVA!

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