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The most striking difference between Eva’s music and her painting is that she had yet to find her own voice in her artwork. Maybe this was because much of her work was intended as gifts for family members or friends and she had the recipient in mind as she worked. Some of her art is clearly influenced by artists such as the surrealist Salvador Dali, while her painting Cape John resembles Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night and Night Flight has the typically Van Gogh trees.

Fine artists often have to work their entire lives to find their voice. Sadly, Eva had no such opportunity. The energy she had left after a full day of work was usually spent perfecting her music. Her mentor Chris Biondo supported her musically, but Eva missed the equivalent for her visual work.



Despite the obstacles Eva had a natural ability to perceive the true essence of things she saw; she could observe something and see clearly into its heart, and reproduce this on canvas. Her technical skill enabled her to create atmosphere, which she achieved with clever use of colour and light.

Emmaus Moravian Church

Emmaus Moravian Church

Eva was a prolific artist and the bulk of the material has attracted interest largely because it was Eva the singer who created it. Nevertheless, there are a few pearls amid the everyday material. Night Flight depicts a fish flying through the air and a boat on dry land. It is an intriguing composition with intelligent and original use of colour that gives it a supernatural feel. Eva liked to create conundrums, which are evident in the many mysterious bubbles in her work. The bubbles could very well be symbolic of Eva’s own personality – her inner self, closed and vulnerable. Compare Salvador Dali’s Woman Bubbles.



One small painting hints at the direction Eva may have taken had she had more time. It depicts an unknown young woman, and is the first to truly bear Eva’s personal stamp. Appearing both suspicious and bored at the same time, the woman is clearly staring at something but we don’t know what. The painting recalls old photographs that show a young Eva turning away from the photographer. Perhaps it was an early self-portrait. The canvas shows through in the background and Eva’s use of dark and light in different shades of green clearly indicates a budding talent that never had a chance to fulfil itself.

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  1. pauline lawler says:

    Eva was a beautiful person and as I’ve discovered a very talented artist.
    Listening to Eva is the best therapy one could ask for.Her voice is fantastic. I’m such a big fan.
    Last Aug I walked my daughter down the aisle to Eva’s “SONGBIRD”.
    My love to Eva’s parents. They must be so proud but heartbroken at the same time. Her fame should have happened when she was alive.

    Yours sincerely

    Pauline lawler

    Dublin, Ireland.

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