Start evening Eva Cassidy Fan Club! 2-2-2015

On Eva Cassidy’s 52th birthday, her music will come alive during an impressive show of Jerney Kate and her band during this start evening of the fan club. The Eva Cassidy phenomenon began too late for the woman herself to enjoy it, although whether she would have enjoyed international fame is another matter.  What is beyond doubt is the power of the recordings she left behind to affect the listener. Was Eva Cassidy the best singer in the world? Yes and no. There have been more mature jazz singers than Eva, purer folk singers, more convincing gospel singers and tighter R&B singers, but no one singer mastered all these genres as well as she did.  In the United Kingdom Eva Cassidy has a cult status; her popularity in the Netherlands is still growing. Eva Cassidy’s renditions of ‘Fields Of Gold’ and ‘Songbird’ end up high in the top 2000 every year. 

Jerney Kate

Jerney Kate

On what would have been Eva Cassidy’s 52th birthday, her first fan club will see the light of day. This special moment will be underlined by a varied Eva Cassidy night under the chairmanship of Eva Cassidy fan from the very beginning Anton van Dijken .

Eva’s music will come alive during an impressive show of Jerney Kate and her band during this start evening. Their repertoire is as varied as Eva Cassidy’s was: from refined folk songs like ‘Autumn Leaves’ to the solid Rhythm and blues of ‘Take Me To The River’. Historian and music connoisseur Dr. Harry Knipschild and Eva Cassidy’s biographer Johan Bakker will talk about their fascination for the singer who became a star four years after her premature death in 1996.

February 2, 2015

Doors open: 7.30 pm, start show: 8 pm.

Podium De Vorstin

Koninginneweg 44, 1211 AS, Hilversum

€ 10,- (includes membership of the only Eva Cassidy fan club in the world and three free drinks ). Within three minutes walking distance from station Hilversum. Plenty parking facilities. 

Podium De Vorstin

Podium De Vorstin


Kindly request to register at:

More information +31(0)6-45700121

Twitter @EvaFanClub  

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