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Hattie Briggs is about to travel to the continent for her first European tour that will start in Zoetermeer. The British singer has been in The Netherlands once before: ‘I was on a hockey tour then and I’m really looking forward to visiting your country again!’

She was introduced to Dan Cassidy via Facebook by a friend of a friend: ‘Then I met him properly at a gig that he was playing. I performed Fields of Gold with him that night as a duet. This will be the second time I play with Dan, but he did perform violin on my album Red & Gold that he co-produced.’

Hattie Briggs live

Hattie Briggs live

Apart from music she has some other passions: ‘I love sport and keeping fit. I also love reading and going to the cinema.’ As a musician Briggs aims to keep progressing and making music that is meaningful: ‘In time I’d like to play at larger venues and tour all over the world.’

She grew up listening to Eva Cassidy’s music: ‘Eva Cassidy has always been an inspiration to me. I love her voice and the way that she interprets songs, transforming them into something fresh so that they sound like something she has written herself.’

Hattie Briggs has her own band: ‘I play with various combinations of musicians from a duo to a five piece, and I had lots of musicians play on my album.’ She broke off her study because music became too much of a passion. ‘Obsession might be a better word. During my second year of study, music became  a constant distraction from my Russian degree. I no longer found my course interesting and just wanted to create songs all day instead of writing scientific essays.’

Folk makes up only a small part of her music: ‘My styles of writing and playing cross over into many different genres including pop, soul and jazz as well as folk. I think that the best label for me is singer-songwriter.’ The song writing process is different every time but Hattie Briggs is involved in making up video scenarios as well: ‘I really enjoy making music videos. I tend to come up with a plan and then get extra ideas from the film maker. My songs are short stories and my videos are their illustrations.’

Open ichtus: Friday October 23, 8 PM, Parkdreef Zoetermeer.

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