Lookback on 2019

We look back on an eventful year. The first news we brought in 2019 was the unexpected death of Cary Klein, one of the founders of the Eva Cassidy fan club. Cary’s last Facebook post was a clip of Eva Cassidy’s ‘Autumn Leaves’.

But 2019 brought beautiful things as well. Musicians all over the world paid tributes to Eva Cassidy. We try to keep you informed about these events as much as possible. The largest surprise this year was the discovery of Eva’s wonderful intimate performance of the Christmas song ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful’. Even her own family had not heard this recording before.

Oh Come All Ye Faithfull

Oh Come All Ye Faithfull

Eva Cassidy’s cousin (his artist name is Alan Xtra) is a gifted musician as well. He recorded a Christmas song with his band The Hit Singles (a perfect band name!) Something completely different from ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful’, but definitely worth listening! The Hit Singles – This December (Music Video).

People sometimes ask: ‘How can I become a member of your fan club?’ The answer is simple: by following us on Twitter and Facebook and by reading these blogs on our website! We are happy that many new people find us: our website welcomes 200 viewers each day. The Eva Cassidy fan club is still growing!

A Merry Christmas!


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