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On 2 November 1996 singer Eva Cassidy died, exactly 25 years ago this year. The Guardian paid much attention to this anniversary and biographer Johan Bakker was a guest at De Nieuws BV on Dutch Radio 1.

About 20 years ago I first heard her music. The largely unknown singer received a lot of media attention after her rendition of ‘Over the Rainbow’ was played on British radio. I first read about her in the newspaper and that made me curious….

Eva Cassidy Songbird

Eva Cassidy Songbird

I don’t remember exactly how, but I managed to get the album Songbird, which was not yet available in Dutch record stores and ordering it online was not as easy as it is nowadays. I do remember the moment I started to play the CD….when Eva started to sing I was immediately stunned….what a voice….how could so much purity exist? The bitter truth was that Eva was unfortunately no longer among us. Listening to her unequalled voice, I felt that that was not important. I had the feeling that Eva sang for us from heaven and gave us hope with her flawless voice. What a gift!

The Official Eva Cassidy Fanclub is a Dutch initiative and attracts fans from all over the world. It is still a huge honour for me to be its chairman!

Anton van Dijken

Anton van Dijken,

Chairman Official Eva Cassidy Fan club (Picture: Marco de Swart)

Below: Anton’s speech for the Eva Cassidy Fan club night in Zoetermeer



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