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Mini documentary on Live at Blues Alley

YouTube features a fascinating mini-documentary (or let’s say a podcast with pictures) on Eva Cassidy’s Live At Blues Alley. The recording for this album was hindered by technical setbacks. Consequently, Eva Cassidy initially did not want the album to be released at all. The live album released in 1996 features …

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Eva Cassidy fans needed!

With Eva's parents

Have you always wanted to share your love for Eva Cassidy’s music with the world? You now have the chance to do so. Malcolm Willis and Alex Fagan, the documentary makers of the Essence of Eva will give fans of her music the opportunity to have their say in their …

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“The beauty of her tone makes Eva Cassidy’s singing so honest.”

One Night That Changed Everything

The documentary One Night That Changed Everything begins powerful with the words of manager Al Dale: “Give a Blues Alley welcome to Eva Cassidy!” The former band members of the American singer, who died in 1996, enter the famous jazz club in Georgetown DC two by two. The 50-minute documentary …

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