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Working with Eva Cassidy was a treat: she could harmonise, her pitch was good, her synchronisation was fine and her musical memory was excellent. She understood completely what musicians needed and she could fit into any role. Experience Unlimited (or E.U.) was a Washington-based GoGo and rhythm and blues crew who were looking for a female gospel choir for their 1989 album Living Large. Through multitracked recording, Eva fulfilled the role of an entire choir on her own.

Eva Cassidy & Chris Biondo

Eva Cassidy & Chris Biondo

She even tried her hand at rap. Chris’ studio was used by rappers who could be very rough and tough, but Eva had a strangely disarming effect on them. Californian rapper Earl Stevens, better known as E-40, employed her help on the 1996 release Tha Hall Of Game. Chris recorded the atypical Eva-lyrics: “I wanna thank you pimps and players for sharing this with me / I wanna thank you all of the hustlers for showing me your life on the street.” She sang these lines without blinking and the record was a success. In time Eva’s voice would even find its way on to a track by world famous hip-hop artist Tupac Shakur, although the recording was never released. After Eva’s posthumous success all kinds of artists used her songs in several ways.



Grammy-Award winning, platinum-selling recording artist and multi-faceted entertainer Chris Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham used Eva Cassidy’s rendition of ‘Autumn Leaves’ in his track: ‘Come Winter’ (2006).

I Miss You, Most Of Aaaallll, Myy Daarling [Beat Fades Out]

(Gimme A Second To Gather My Thoughts)

[Fades Back In] Strolling In The Park (Ho!)

And Watching Winter Turn To Spriing (Such A Beautiful Day Man)

(Yeah Man, You Know We Had To Switch It On ’em Right?)

Strolling In The Park, And Watching Winter Turn To Spriing

(I’m Still Standing On Two Feet, Even After This Tragic Loss)

(Man, But I Got Something To Else To Tell Ya Baby)

Born in Toronto on October 24th, 1986, Drake is the son of Sandi and Dennis Graham, a drummer who worked with Jerry Lee Lewis. His father is African American and his mother is Jewish Canadian. Drake holds the record for the most number one hits on Billboard’s R&B/hiphop Chart. Drake has reached great heights in recent years and he continues to create and dominate the global market.

Mr. J. Medeiros

Mr. J. Medeiros

The American rapper, record producer, and songwriter Jason Christopher Medeiros, better known as Mr. J. Medeiros, used Eva Cassidy’s rendition of ‘Fields of Gold’ in ‘Constance’ (2007) about a young girl that works in the online prostitution.

He leads Constance to a room he has rented for taping, see

He’s about to turn six into six thousand

And all you gotta do is click on your web browser

It’s not illegal to use raping as a cash crop

As long as it says she’s 18 on your laptop

The sound of rain is her backdrop, laying there

Like she’s waiting for somebody to say they care

While the tears of God fall down the window pane

She feels unholy like the Father doesn’t know her name

Mary Magdalene and the women at the well

As well as releasing music under the name, Mr. J. Medeiros, he is responsible for forming the hiphop group the Procussions, he is one half of the hiphop / electronic duo AllttA, and the lead singer of punk-rap group KNIVES. Medeiros is of Portuguese and Scottish descent. He was born in Colorado to two East Coast parents, spending his childhood between Rhode Island and Colorado Springs, Colorado. He got his start in the local battle rap scene performing under various pseudonyms.

Laura Ann Brannigan

Laura Branigan

The American singer, songwriter and actress Laura Branigan (1952 – 2004) covered: ‘I Know You By Heart’ by Diane Scanlon and Eve Nelson, a song that was made famous by Eva Cassidy.

You left in autumn the leaves were turning

I walked down roads of orange and gold

I saw your sweet smile I heard your laughter

You’re still here beside me Everyday

‘Cause I know you by heart

‘Cause I know you by heart

Laura Branigan’s signature song was ‘Gloria’ (1982) and her other succes song was ‘Self Control’. Branigan’s other singles included ‘Solitaire’ (1983), ‘How Am I Supposed to Live Without You’ (1983), ‘Ti Amo’ (1984), and ‘The Power of Love’ (1987). Her most successful album was 1984’s platinum-selling Self Control. She sang in Flashdance (1983), and in Ghostbusters (1984). Laura Branigan died at her home in 2004 from a previously-undiagnosed cerebral aneurysm at the young age 54.

Helene Sagara

Helene Segara

Hélène Ségara (1971) is a French singer who came to prominence playing the role of Esmeralda in the French musical Notre Dame de Paris. Hélène Ségara’s father is of Italian descent and her mother is Armenian. As she wanted to become a singer, she left school and family at the age of 14. As a teenager, her jobs included performing in the piano bars of the French Riviera.At 18, she gave birth to Raphael, her first son. Drawing on many musical influences, she was a prolific songwriter during this period, and her repertoire grew to over a thousand songs in seven languages. In 1996, accompanied by her young son, she moved to Paris, where she met Christian Loigerot, who became one of her composers. She also met the famous producer Orlando Gigliotti, Dalida’s brother, who gave new impetus to her career. Ségara’s first success came with ‘Je vous aime adieu,’ the first single from her debut album, Cœur de verre (1996), followed by the duet ‘Vivo per lei,’ performed with Andrea Bocelli. Segara’s career was jeopardized after she was diagnosed with a cyst on her vocal cords although she continued to perform. During a show in Canada, she lost her voice. Her producer then resold her contract to Orlando, while a laser operation was carried out to treat her vocal cords. In 2011 she recorded ‘Je Ne Vois Que Par Toi’, the French translation of the song ‘I Know You By Heart’ by Diane Scanlon and Eve Nelson. The song is about a close relationship, that has ended and Eva Cassidy was the first to made it known for a large audience.

Laissons le monde penser ce qu’il veut

Des doux rêveurs qui tombent

Fous amoureux l’amour aveugle

Qui peut rêver mieux? Qu’avoir ce soleil

Au fond des yeux

Et ne vois que par toi

Ne plus voir que par toi

Katie Melua

Katie Melua

Finally, we have to mention Katie Melua. She sang two posthumous duets with Eva Cassidy (‘Wonderful World’ and ‘Over The Rainbow’). Recently ‘Fields of Gold’ appeared in the Eva Cassidy version (with a deliciously greasy Hammond-B3-organ) on Katie Melua’s new album Ultimate Collection.

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