Jerney Kate has the pipes!

Jerney Kate & Lex Horst gave an intense and inspiring performance at the sold out Podium ‘Onder de Toren’, Grootschermer. The first people arrived more than half an hour before the start, eager to witness this performance. Jerney Kate and Lex Horst did not disappoint. Accompanied by one guitar Jerney Kate’s voice shines in several ways and sparkles in many colours.

Jerney & Lex

Jerney & Lex

The audience (200 people) listened attentively and concentrated, clearly impressed by the musical performance of this duo. Biographer Johan Bakker described Eva Cassidy’s personality, her life and her music and explained what made her so special. Jerney Kate used the song ‘Time After Time’ to show how good and diverse Eva Cassidy’s timing was. It was a beautiful and moving concert said many visitors afterwards. The music critic Lee Whittinghill concluded: “Jerney Kate has the pipes!”

Simply Eva, January 11, Podium Onder de Toren, Grootschermer.

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