Eva Cassidy’s 57th birthday

Eva Marie Cassidy was born on 2 February, 1963 at 10.00 p.m. in the Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C. Her first name was taken from her father Hugh’s grandmother, Eva McGrew.

The family’s first year in the city was spent in the Southeast area in Washington, D.C., where they lived on the third floor of a small brick apartment on 1st Street. Many who saw little Eva were enchanted by her blonde hair and her bright blue eyes. Neighbours gave her the nickname Miss Sunshine.

Eva At Home

Eva At Home

Music and art were central to her short life. Eva’s singing brings people both hope and comfort. Her music gives listeners the strength to resign themselves to mortality, at least temporarily. The first time Eva experienced this transition was while watching Judy Garland in her dusty Kansas farmyard singing ‘Over The Rainbow’. Years later Eva gave millions of others the same thing, the chance to experience this song imbued with even greater emotional depth.

Art was what made Eva’s life shine. She had no interest in material things. Twenty-four years after her death Eva would more than likely feel completely out of place in our mass media technological age: money, power, fame, image – all these were of no importance to Eva. It was almost as if she knew that her life on earth would be short and that it was pointless to surround herself with worldly treasures. She felt humble, like mere stardust.

There might have been more mature jazz singers than Eva, purer folk singers, more convincing gospel singers and tighter R&B singers, but no one singer mastered all these genres as well as Eva Cassidy. Let’s honour Eva as one of the most versatile, authentic and gifted singers the world has ever seen!

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  1. Roger Lyle says:

    Rest In Peace Eva Cassidy.
    I am blessed to call you friend.
    Until we meet again. God bless You.

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