Eva Cassidy’s 59th birthday

“I was made in Germany,” Eva Cassidy used to tell her friends. She was born on February 2, 1963 at 10 PM in the Washington Hospital Centre in Washington, DC. Her first name was taken from her great grandmother Eva McGrew who sang and played guitar in church. The family’s first year in the city was spent in the Southeast area in Washington, DC, where they lived on the third floor of a smalll brick apartment on 1st Street. Many who saw little Eva were enchanted by her blonde hair and her bright blue eyes. Neighbours gave her the nickname “Miss Sunshine”.

Young Eva

Young Eva

Eva’s singing still brings hope and comfort today. Her music gives listeners the strength to resign themselves to mortality, at least temporarily. Eva Cassidy (2 February 1963 – 2 November 1996)

‘Time After Time’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWvPOJOYqGA

2 responses to “Eva Cassidy’s 59th birthday”

  1. Francisco says:

    From Costa Rica, I join the celebration of your birthday, distance and time, although we agree in age, did not allow us to meet, but my admiration is eternal Eva. On this important date, we appreciate the gift of your voice and your music, Thank you Eva

  2. Charles Q Warwick says:

    Voice of an angel

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