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“I discovered Eva Cassidy’s music a couple of years ago. A friend sent me the Songbird Lp on vinyl. I was instantly hooked, I mean this young lady does a version of ‘Over The Rainbow’ that rivals Judy Garland’s classic version. As I usually do when I ‘discover’ a new artist, I did some research on Eva. Bought another book (Songbird) on her that her parents had a hand in. They were trying to make Eva look like she was perfect. It left me hungry to see what the ‘real’ Eva was like. Don’t get me wrong, I know Eva was a sweet, very shy lady with immense talent that the world caught onto many years after she passed away from melanoma in 1996 at the young age of 33. Behind the Rainbow lets Eva breathe and walk around you and show you she was very stubborn and didn’t want to be pigeon-holed into just singing that pop ‘crap’! She wanted to sing what mattered to her. This biography doesn’t try to take away from what her parents & friends have portrayed her as, but gives you much more information that was not even spoke of in the first book. A good read that gives us a clue as to what possibly made Eva into one of the most beautiful vocalists in the last 30 years. Well worth the price with some nice photos of a girl who was very private & just wanted to sing, do her art, enjoy nature, her family & her friends. It made me feel I actually knew the ‘real’ Eva Cassidy after I was done!”

Music Fan,



“The author gave me a pretty good idea what her life was like; the music, her personality, her likes and dislikes, etc. I was very glad I read it because now I feel closer to this fabulous musician/singer who just flat out didn’t live long enough. It’s a good purchase.”

Rick DiClemente

“This book reveals all kinds of problems this brilliant singer experienced. It also shows what a complex person Eva Cassidy was. For any fan of her music this book gives a real insight into her very short life.”


Behind The Rainbow

Behind The Rainbow

“A beautifully written life story of one of the world’s truly great vocalists. Her folk, pop, blues, jazz and country renditions are the stuff of legends and made her a worldwide success after her untimely death. Thankfully she will live on in her music and in the words of those who strove to capture the brilliance of her unforgettable artistry.”

Bruce H. Garth

“This is a well-researched book that gives an honest insight into the tragically short life of Eva Cassidy. Eva was not only a talented and inspirational singer but also a kind, genuine young woman, and Behind the Rainbow is a ‘must read’ for anyone wanting to find out a little more about the woman behind the wonderful voice.”

Anna Sanderson

Johan Bakker: Behind the Rainbow, The Story of Eva Cassidy, 2023, Omnibus Press, London, 248 pages

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