“If anyone was pure and authentic, it was Eva Cassidy”

While Chris shows her around Washington DC, Katrina makes desperate attempts at multitasking.


“I’ve prepared well for this trip to Maryland, but I’ve seen so much in a few hours that it’s starting to make me dizzy,” I say as we stop at a red traffic light. Chris laughs. “I thought we were just getting started. What do you want?” “I’d like to work out my notes, otherwise I won’t be able to make sense of them at home.” “You know what?” says Chris, “we’ll drive to my studio in Kensington. I’ll stay nearby in case you have more questions. There you can write down your story if you want.” I think that is an excellent idea. We pass a park, turn left and then right a few times. Suddenly we drive up a steep slope. “Luckily, the handbrake works well,” says Chris.

Eva and Chris

Eva and Chris

When we leave the car, I almost lose my balance. “This way,” says Chris. I follow him and he opens the door for me. “Do you need your suitcase?” “Actually, yes” I admit, thinking of my toothbrush. A fresh T-shirt would not be a luxury either. It is hot in DC. In the hall, I see some large portraits of Eva and Chuck Brown. Next to them the gold record of Songbird. Chris rolls my suitcase inside and says: “You should take a look in the studio. There are more interesting things to see.” As I walk on, a white Fender Stratocaster catches my eye. “Is that Eva’s?” I ask.

Fender Stratocaster

Fender Stratocaster

“At least Eva played on it.” I hesitate between embarrassment at my amateur guitar playing and the chance to hold the instrument of my favorite musician. I can’t resist the temptation and grab the Stratocaster’s neck.

Its strings are close to each other. I sit down on a stool and try an E chord. Fortunately, the instrument is not plugged in. I put the guitar back, knowing that nobody can take this moment away from me. “In the corner you can see the grand piano on which Lenny Williams accompanied Eva on several tracks that ended up on her albums.”

Eva at Blues Alley

Eva at Blues Alley

“May I?” I ask like a schoolgirl. I feel more at ease on the keys than on the strings. I know ‘Fields Of Gold’ by heart, but now that Chris is watching I get hopelessly lost. I don’t even remember which key to end in. “Did Eva record songs here?” I ask. “No, Eva has never been here. I moved in much later. I cooperate with Lenny who has a studio a bit further down the road. We create music for all kinds of documentaries.”

Eva Cassidy

Eva Cassidy playing the Fender Stratocaster

Lately you hear about artists who get a second life as a hologram. Would it be an option for the Eva Cassidy Band to perform with an artificial ‘Eva’? Chris shakes his head emphatically: “That would not suit Eva at all. She would never have wanted that. Eva hated everything that was unreal. If anyone was pure and authentic, it was Eva Cassidy. Besides, there is hardly any usable film material left of her.”

Katrina Mus

To be continued

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  1. Just now year 2022. 6 of October, in Sweden, Listening of Eva’s Voice… Have four of Her wonderful and deep expressionists CDs… Remembering this Evening for about more than 25 yes ago, both the thelepones on Swedish TV and Radiophones, hade been locked out of a Land in full questioning of who she was both in health and her musicwork… Oooh, this Voice of Eva’s clarity and nearness to explanations of the Peoems, after the Documentary with Eva and Her songs… All Sweden for just crazy in both spiritual joy, and sorrow to know her deaseas… EVA WAS RHYTHM, CLEARNESS AND LOVE TO ART OF MUSIC… LOVE HER DEEPLY. Singing for us, from Heaven .. ❤️?️??️ ❤️

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