Eva’s glamour pictures

Katrina is working on her notes in Chris’ studio.


By now I have lost all sense of time and place. When I look aside, I see Chris behind a large computer screen, dragging files back and forth. When I sit down next to him, I see the images of a documentary about ships for which he has composed music. “I’m starting to get hungry,” says Chris, keeping his eyes on the screen. “Do you like pizza?” he suggests.

“It’s my favourite food,” I reply.

“Do you have Italian roots as well?,” he asks, trying to wrench himself away from his work.

“’I’ve never heard anyone talk about that,” I say.

“At least you’re European,” Chris concludes correctly.

I get my things together and we get back into the car parked on the steep slope. “Have you tried to help Eva get rid of her stage fright?”

“We tried everything. She had a wonderful voice, but announcing the songs was difficult for her. In the end we asked Keith to do it. For him it was piece of cake, he’s a born entertainer with a dry sense of humour.”

Chris and Eva

Chris and Eva at Blues Alley

“You had a manager then, didn’t you?” I ask, as we stop at a red traffic light.

“Al Dale, he died in 2017. He did the best he could. He was impressed with Eva’s voice from the start and immediately offered his services. ‘You should move a bit’ he advised Eva. He showed her how and practised some dance steps with her. When she was on stage, she had forgotten all about them. Finally, he taught her to snap her fingers a little. That was the maximum she could do.”

Eva Cassidy and Al Dale

Eva Cassidy and Al Dale

“Was he the guy who wanted Eva to perform in beautiful dresses?”

“Exactly! The low point was the time we invited a photographer to take glamour photos of Eva. She came out in a stunning black dress that looked perfect on her. She had put on some makeup, brushed her hair, she was even wearing heels. The photographer was having the day of his life. When the photos were ready, Eva said: “This is not me. You can only use my face.” Once she had made up her mind, it was hard to change it.’

Eva Diva

Eva Diva

We have arrived at our destination and Chris leads me to a nice little restaurant where he is welcomed as a long lost soul. He introduces me to the staff who give me welcome-hugs. It feels good to discover the hospitable side of America. While the staff are looking for the wine list, Chris tells me that he is passionate about wine.

“Then I leave the choice to you,” I say. He won’t let me say that twice. As soon as the wine list is found, Chris says triumphantly: “We don’t need that, we’d like a bottle of Azelia Barolo, please.” Just to be sure, he lets me taste it. I take a sip and conclude: “Its flavour is powerful and nutty, like an aged berry juice with character and willpower. It has a sunny aftertaste that is not superficial.” When the waiter looks at me questioningly, I confirm: “Delicious, I’ll have it.’

In the meantime, the cook has shown up at our table. What kind of pizza would we like? “For me, the same as always,” says Chris, a Calzone.’

“Do you have a pizza with fish?” I ask. It is silent for a moment.

“Fish?” says Chris, “I’ve never heard about such a strange combination.”

“In Europe it is quite normal,” I state almost indignantly. The cook keeps his face neutral. “What kind of fish would you have liked?”

“I’d like a mix of different kinds of fish.”

“We’ll get that for you,” replies the cook.

Chris and I toast. “When we performed with Eva there were two options,” he says, “the audience either ignored us or stood and watched with open mouths. I have heard people ask whether she was really singing. They thought her voice came from a tape.”

“Did you have anyone to do the sound for you?” “In the beginning, yes, but of course we had to pay the guy. We spent more money on him than we earned on our performances. So we bought our own PA-system and learned to operate it. We had to.”

Pizza Katrina

Pizza Katrina

When the cook shows me my pizza with fish Chris’ opens his mouth in amazement: “That looks delicious.”

“I agree,” says the cook, “I think we will keep it in the range.”

“Excellent,” says Chris, “call it: Pizza Katrina.”

Katrina Mus

To be continued

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  1. Chuck Larochelle says:

    I am a huge fan of Eva Cassidy and have been looking and looking to se if I could purchase an 8″ x 10″ photo of Eva to put on my favorite singers wall in my home office. I am not having any luck. So . . . I thought I would ask on here and see if I have any luck. I have the photos framed and installed on a wall. in my office. Can someone help? Best, Chuck L.

  2. Norris says:

    That is a very nice story.
    You are a great writer.
    The fantasies of our heart fuel our inspiration.
    People may not understand, but this is love.
    Kudos ❤

  3. Eva, for a long time has been my favorite female singer! ?

  4. Don Freeman says:

    Loved it. Thanks.

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